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Professional Pet Sitter Service in Pensacola

Pensacola Pet Sitter Service for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, Chickens & Exotic Pets
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Pensacola Pet Sitter

Look at that SAD Face.

Mom is leaving for a Business Trip and this Princess knows She is going to be Living it up with Debbie's Pet Sitting.

If Your Dog freaks out when the suitcases come out, Call Debbie.

Debbie's Pet Service is just what you need.

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When you have four legged Children in Pensacola, it is hard to leave them when you go on Vacation. Finding a trustworthy Pet Sitter is difficult when you have Spoiled Pets.

Debbie's Pet Service is your trusted pet sitter and dog walker in Lillian, Foley, Elberta, Gulf Shores, Alabama, and Perdi...

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Pensacola Pet Sitter

Afraid of Thunder and lightening?
it is the season for Tropical Storms in Pensacola so help our 4 legged kids to be calm and feel safe.

Some Tips for YOU:
Have Your Pet Properly Identified.
Keep your Pet Indoors at All Times! ...

Are you looking for a...

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Are you a Horse owner and you can't find someone that understands your horse needs to be kept on a very specific schedule?

Finding a reliable Pet Sitter is just as difficult and probably much harder to finding the right babysitter for two legged children because not everyone will love your Pets...

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Dog Sitter Pensacola

Do you need to leave town and looking for someone to Dog sit?

Debbie's Pet Service is just what you need.

Debbie has been caring for other people's pets for over 25 years and understands how important your fur kids are.

Go ahead and take that vacatio...

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Pensacola Pet Sitter

When you are Obsessed with your Best Friend, not everyone "Gets" it.

Having to go out of town and you can't take him with you, finding a Pet Sitter that "Gets" it can be difficult.

Debbie "Gets" it and will spoil your best friend, just like you would i...

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Dog Sitter Pensacola

Does your Dog Suffer from Boundary Issues?

When you need to go out of town and you need to find a TRUST WORTHY Dog Sitter, one that Understands your dog is your Child, consider calling Debbie's Pet Service.

Debbie has been a Professional Pet Sitter fo...

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Does your Dog get Bored when you're at work?
Have you ever come home to discover your Dog stayed at the window looking for you all day?
Do you work long hours and you need someone to drop in and check on your Dog, maybe take him for a quick walk?


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Does your Dog get Bored when you're at work?
Have you ever come home to discover your Dog re-decorated the house?
Do you work long hours and you need someone to drop in and check on your Dog, maybe take him for a quick walk?

Looking for a Great Pet Sitt...

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a month ago
My wife and I recently requested Debbie to sit overnight for our three fur-babies and we were so pleased and impressed with Debbie! She is a true professional. We had a great meet and greet where we got acquainted and discussed our buddies needs while we were away. Debbie provided us with paperwork to fill out for each dog where we could enter as many specifics as necessary. Debbie also makes sure there is a plan of action in event of emergency. We were kept up to date each day with pictures of our buddies and how things were going. Debbie brought in our mail as well. We were able to go on a vacation with no worries. Thank you Debbie! You're great!!
- Kenny B
2 months ago
I am so happy for finding Debbie!!!! She is really great and professional. She does love my pets as hers. I have 2 dogs with completely different personalities and she address them accordingly. I love the fact she send many photos of my girls. I highly recommend her.
- Jeane T
5 months ago
Debbie of Debbie's Pet Service is professional and extremely knowledgeable of the needs and care of animals. We were very impressed with the detailed attention she gives to each of our pets. We have a Great Dane and an African Grey Parrot so their care is very individualized. Debbie works with a variety of animals, both large and small, so we felt quite comfortable leaving our crew in her capable hands for an extended length of time. It's nice to have someone you can trust to watch over your pets when you are away. I highly recommend her services.
- Peggy B

Pensacola Pet Sitter Service

Pensacola Pet Sitter Service-

Hate leaving town because you have pets?

Do you Cringe at the thought of trying to find a reliable Pet Sitter you can trust?

Does the thought of boarding your dog at a Kennel want to make you cry?
Have you missed taking Vacations because you don't want to put your dogs in a kennel, or you have chickens and can't find anyone you can TRUST to care for them?

Do you work long hours and you need someone to drop in and check on your Dog, maybe take him for a quick walk?
Are you a Horse owner and you can't find someone that understands your horse needs to be kept on a very specific schedule? 

 Finding a reliable Pet Sitter is just as difficult and probably much harder to finding the right babysitter for two legged children because not everyone will love your Pets like you do.

They're not just Pets, but your Family Members but with more fur and a few quirks.

Being able to leave town knowing your Fur Children will be on their normal schedules and routines gives you a sense of peace without the guilt being away having fun.

Hiring a neighbor kid that can provide the basics of food & water and that is good for a day or two at the most, but when you want to go on a real vacation, or you must leave for an extended time, you want someone that is going to be in it for the long haul, not just a neighbor kid that is busy with sports, or dating.

Finding a real solution to care for your pets you can afford is like winning the lottery. 

Let me introduce you to Debbie's Pet Sitter Service.

Debbie's Pet Service is who you call when you want a reliable, consistent caregiver of your extended family members. 

Have you ever got stuck at work late and you just can't leave the office to run home and let out your dog? It has happened to all of us and that's when you call Debbie.

Horses are more of a challenge.

Do you have a High Maintenance Horse?

If you have a Tricky horse that gets spooked out by strangers, have no fear.

Debbie Gowans is a former professional horse trainer that have many years of experience taking care of the most persnickety horses. 

Debbie Also showed horses, so she understands and communicates well with Pampered and Demanding horses.

Debbie Pet Service understands how important keeping your pets on a regular schedule is, especially temperamental horses as well as the potential consequences when schedules aren't kept.  

Debbie goes the extra mile and will have a Meet & Greet with the family to get to know you and what you need her to do while you are away. You will have confidence knowing your Pets are in capable loving hands while you are away. 

Do your pets have special needs such as requiring oral medicine, or injections? Is your Pet elderly and needs to be let out more often for bathroom breaks? 

Debbie has over 25 years as a professional Pet Sitter and is a member of Pet Sitters Associates. She is also certified by Pet Health Academy for first aid and CPR.

Debbie's Pet Service offers Professional Pet Sitting for Exotic Pets, Horses, Chickens, Pigs, Rabbits, Dogs and Cats in Pensacola, Florida and the Lillian Alabama area.

Pet Sitter Services Offered in Pensacola & Lillian-

Dogs & Cats

  • Standard Pet Visits-normally 30 minutes

  • Overnight Pet Sitting- 10-12 hours

  • Drop In Visits-

  • Field Trips-Play time

  • Vet Taxi Service

  • Dog Walking-normally 30 minutes

What's included-

Fresh Food & Water
Cleaning Feeding Dishes
Changing litter box and cages
Poop Scooping the yard
Hair ball pick ups
Loving & Play time
Adjusting Household lights and curtains 
Newspaper pick up
Plants watered  


  • Grooming
  • Blanketing and bandaging
  • Stall cleaning and turn out
  • Administering medicines
  • Light exercise
  • Checking stalls, gates and fences


  • Feeding-
  • Cleaning water
  • Collecting eggs
  • Cleaning out cage for debris
  • Turning on heat lamps if needed
  • Fending off predators
  • Caring for a sick or injured chicken

Daily Bundles are available and a Customized schedule is available.

RATES-based on drive time 15 minutes

Standard Visit-30 minutes in Pensacola area.

Dogs $18 
Cats $15
Mid Day "Pop" in visit- $15
Overnight stays-$65

Dog walking- $15 up to 30 minutes of walking

Field trips*  $ TBD

Vet Taxi * -$ TBD

Horses-$ rates Available After "Meet & Greet."

It's not just Pet Sitting, it's a Relationship

Debbie's Pet Service is about Relationships with your Family and there are some Factors that will effect pricing such as having Multiple Pets, Pet sitting in remote areas as well as Bundling your Services. 

Your Family needs will be met and together we will figure out what works best for you. 

Planning a Vacation and wondering
How to Get Started with Debbie's pet Service?

Schedule a Meet & Greet-

This is a free meeting in your home so we can get to know one another and discuss your needs, review the care plan and sign authorization paperwork.  

Read more Reviews from clients of Debbie's Pet Sitter Service.

In order to ensure the Highest Quality of SERVICE, Debbie's Pet Service is limited to service areas as listed below:

Areas of Service for Debbie's Pet Service-

Josephine, Alabama

Warrington area of Pensacola

Myrtle Grove area of Pensacola

Horse Care Basics 101  in the Pensacola area.

Debbie Gowans is a former professional horse trainer and has over 25 years experience in taking care of horses. 

Before you decide to bring a Horse into your Family, it is best you educate yourself as much as possible as to the care they require as well as the commitment you are making.

Things to think about when adopting a Horse: 

1) Nutritional is critical and understanding a horse’s digestive system is important.  A horses basic diet consists of grass, that is rich in fiber and water. 
You need to buy quality hay that is clean, being free of mold as well as dust.

Clean fresh water needs to available at all times, even if you think your horse only drinks a few times a day.

 In cold weather, you need to insure the water does not freeze. plenty of fresh, clean, unfrozen water should be available at all times, even if the horse only drinks once or twice a day.

How do you know how much food is proper is important.

While most times horses will graze on grass at their leisure, make sure they have plenty of hay available to avoid your horse getting ulcers. 

The amount of feed you give your horse will depend on your horses condition and activity level. Horses ridden for pleasure don't necessarily need grain added to their diet, but Competition Horses need grain to perform at their best. 

A rule of thumb is your horse will eat between 2% and 4% of their body weight in pounds of hay or other feeds. These guidelines come from the ASPCA.

It is important to watch your horse and make sure he is maintaining an appropriate weight.

  • A word on grains: 
  • Not all horse diets are the same and depending on your particular horse, I understand how important it is to keep their feeding schedule and routine consistent. 
  • Most horses, even fairly active ones, don’t need the extra calories found in grains, which are high in carbohydrates. Foals fed “high energy” diets can develop bone and joint problems. Some adult horses develop certain muscle disorders related to excess carbohydrates. It is also incorrect to feed a horse extra grain in the winter to keep him warm. Hay, in fact, produces more heat when digested.

  • A horse of pony breaking into the grain bin or being allowed to gorge on green pasture for the first time since the fall is headed for disaster.

Vaccinations and De-worming your horse-

All horses need vaccinations and most need regular de-worming. 

The specifics should be discussed with an equine veterinarian. 
Horses need protection from Tetanus as well as  Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, equine influenza, rhinopneumonitis (equine herpes) and rabies. Vaccines for West Nile Virus are also available. 

Consult with your veterinarian if other vaccines are appropriate for your horse.

Worms can cause weight loss, poor coat, and colic, which can be deadly. It is best to have your veterinarian test and de-
worm your horse.

 Proper management entails not putting too many horses on too little land, rotating pastures if possible, and removing feces regularly.

Extreme Weather Precautions
Horses can tolerated cold much better than the heat. Horses need to be able to sweat to clear toxins built up.

Temperatures over 130, when adding in our humidity, you need to be cautious when exercising your horse.

Hoof Care for Horses-

You should trim your horses Hooves every 6 -8 weeks for horses that aren't as active.

Dental Care for Horses-
Your horses teeth never stop growing and uneven wear leads to pain and difficulty chewing.

You should check your horses teeth twice a year by a trained specialist and have them floated.

Horse Dental disease can lead to choke, colic and weight loss.

As a pet owner, it is hard to find a reliable Pet Sitter you can Trust. A sitter you can build a Relationship with and count on.

If you are looking for someone to care for your pets, someone you want your pets to have consistent care, that they trust, Call Debbie's Pet Service. 

Pensacola Pet Sitter



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